Thursday, April 7, 2011

We are DONE with Twilight!!!

We have read, talked about, discussed-til-we-were-blue-in the face this book:

 And now, on to.....this one:

So, while all but one of us have already read the book and seen the movie, the plan is to operate as though we have NOT read it before. Reading it again from the fresh perspective of....

-What will happen with Edward and Bella?
-Will Victoria come back to seek revenge on the Cullens and Bella?
-When or will Charlie forgive Edward for the fact that Bella got hurt?
-What role will Jacob play in the Bella's life?

Act as though you haven't read the books and add a comment below. What questions do you have going into New Moon? What were/are the first things you wondered about after finishing Twilight?

For me (Mrs. Bittner), this is the point in both the movie and the book that I really truly felt and understood the love between Edward and Bella. She loves him so much that she is willing to walk away from everything and everyone she's ever known and (in many senses of the word) DIE to be with him. But he loves HER so much that he refuses to let her give all of that up -he doesn't want her to feel the loss and pain that he did. And it just made me all the more will it work out?

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